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Entertainment Alliance provide a  assortment of musicians from Variety Bands, Showcase Bands, Dixieland Bands, the Big Band Era to Solo Musicians. The musicians below are just a few that we book.

Joesph V. Jazz Sax

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Joesph V.’s signature is his passion towards his music. It is evident on the stage, in his recordings, with his speeches and in his books. What sets him apart from other smooth jazz artists is his ability to create music from an array of sources which many others would consider stretching the limits.

John R. Pianist

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John R. has played sing-along piano bars including Alley Cats, Gator’s, Billy Bob’s Texas and West Side Stories, and served as musical director for several stage productions. He currently performs in a Marx Brothers tribute band – The Coconuts – as Chico, and a Rat Pack cover band called The Fratelli Brothers (the word “fratelli” in Italian means “brothers.”)


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Whether performing in the   Dallas/Ft. Worth area   where he makes his  home,   or at an  international   resort… as a  solo jazz guitarist, classical guitarist or a  leader of   various  ensembles…Nick D. brings   years of experience,   dedication and the highest degree of musical   excellence to your  wedding,  special event or  private  affair.

Dwayne B. Jazz Guitarist

Dwayne B is well established as a Dallas/Fort Worth guitarist and artist. Having performed and recorded with several local artists and bands, Dwayne brings professionalism and experience to every engagement. Dwayne can provide your event a solo act that incorporates instrumental interpretations of Jazz standards and Easy Listening songs, Pop standards and New Age tapestries as well as a few eclectic and Classical pieces. He brings a full-sounding act which will compliment any social function or event, without the cost, sound volume and physical space required for a full ensemble.
The group act rolls the best of both worlds into one: the energy of a live band with the high-performance repertoire of songs that a live band is capable of performing.

N’Awlins Gumbo King

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The Gumbo Kings take their shots across the entire range of the New Orleans musical heritage, from the horns blowing on the traditional second line all the way up through Mike Sizer’s “Dixieland rap”.

Zydeco Stingrays New Orleans Style Music

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The Zydeco Stingrays incorporate fresh grooves to carve out their own niche within the zydeco world — delivering compositions of originality to both fans of Louisiana music and new recruits to the genre. What sets the Stingrays apart from their traditional counterparts is a powerful octane boost of rock, blues & funk.

 Jazz Cats Dixieland Band

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The Jazz Cats are the hardest swingin’ New Orleans style jazz band in the southwest.  They can stroll and move around a room providing upbeat background music in a trio or quartet format.  If you want a stage show, you got it!  This group in a 5 to 7 piece will swing, sing an fully entertain your crowd, if that’s what you need. Usual instrumentation for the Jazz Cats is bass, banjo, and any combination of clarinet, sax, trumpet, trombone drums or piano. The Jazz Cats play for corporate conventions, private parties, festivals, fairs, New Orleans style funerals, church socials, worship services, grand openings, fund raising events, public concerts, restaurants and clubs.

Zydeco Posse New Orleans Music

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Zydeco is a very energetic style of music originating from the Creole and African American communities in Southwest Louisiana.  It is a blend of Creole, hip-hop, soul and reggae with a blues influence.  Zydeco music is dominated by the button or piano accordion and a rub-board.  Zydeco is commonly referred to as the “Party Music”.  If you wanna get loose and “let the good times roll”.

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