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Entertainment Alliance provides novelty entertainment that would be great for any party. Having you face read is an interesting concept because these readers are 98% accurate in reading your personality.  They will tell you something only you know about your self or a love one would know. Entertainment Alliance have heard nothing but great comments about these novelty entertainers.


Sandra W. Sandra M. W., Professional Face Reader

What: A face reading is a fun, instant personality profile based on the  structure and proportions of a face.

Who: Sandra W. is certified in Personology, a method of reading faces developed by a California judge and statistically validated in the high 90% range. She has been reading faces professionally for over thirteen years (since 1996). Author and illustrator of her own book, Faces, What You See Is What You Get, she has read thousands of faces and taught hundreds of people the basics of reading faces. She continually adds to her repertoire through continuing study and informal research.

About: When Sandra reads people, her readings are both fun and highly accurate. Most people rate her as “at least 90% accurate” and many call her “dead on.” Her readings bring the “laughter of recognition” when she nails typical behaviors. After readings she has been asked such things as, “Do you know my mother?” and “Have you been following me around?” One man said, “Good grief! You know me better than my wife does!” (They’ve been married for ten years.)

A reading is a fun look at you being you. It’s entertaining to see yourself through her unique lens, gaining a humorous take on your personality characteristics through her brand of “trait talk.”

To Sandra, the personality traits she sees are neither “good” nor “bad.” There are simply innate responses that are hardwired into your system. There is no judgment involved in a reading by Sandra. As she sees it, a trait is just a trait, and any trait can become problematic if taken too far. She never assumes to know how anyone will handle their set of traits and doesn’t care to guess, especially not at a party.

Sandra keeps her readings light, humorous and fun, suitable for a party atmosphere. If she knows you are sensitive, she will read sensitively. If you are a serious type, she will match you. If she sees you can take it, she will play with you, poking a little fun at some of your traits, all in the name of giving you a good time having your face read.

Sandra reads at:

    • Company parties (Christmas, summer picnics, management functions)
    • Private parties (Christmas, birthday, holiday, graduation, etc)
    • School graduation parties (a great gift to the graduating seniors, a look at their own traits and many times, innate gifts and abilities)
    • Trade shows (a great draw to get people into your booth)
    • Charity events (a gift back to those wonderful donors)
    • Convention parties (a great ice breaker because the topic of conversation becomes “what did the face reader say about you?” and they tell about their reading, sharing information about themselves in the process, building connections)


  • VIP pre-event parties
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