Our clowns are multi-talented…as jugglers, magicians, face painters, or balloon artists.  When it comes to making an event fun and entertaining, Entertainment Alliance has some of the best entertainers in the business.  And, with the Side Street Circus you get two for one…not just musicians, but entertainment that includes juggling and magic!


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Marty’s high-energy, explosive personality sets him apart from all the rest. A must-have for any private party or corporate event, Marty will definitely add a spark that will amaze and amuse your guests. He is the ultimate entertainer and his incorporation of comedy and wit only enhances his polished presentation of sleight-of-hand. Magic is an art to Marty and his passion for the art is all too evident in his performances.  Marty is known as Marty the Magician, “Hollywood” the Magical Clown, The Balloon Master, Magic “Mr. Mime”,  and “Charlie Chaplin” Look-Alike all who can performs  close-up magic and balloon twisting.



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is an incredible Stiltwalker who has many different theme characters which also can performs a variety of juggling routines. The stilts that he uses allows him to do leaps and bounds. He is one of a kind!


Side Street Circus

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Side Street Circle are incredible strolling musicians who also do juggling and magic. They would be great for any type on event that is thinking about  do some kind of festival, circus or carnival theme.


Boocoos The Clown

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 There is Audience Participation for Everyone! Your child’s friends and family ALL become a part of the show through much Audience Participation! The kids don’t just watch the show; they are an integral part of the show! 
Boocoos the Clown is a one-man “Circus” and is wonderful for any Fair/Festive Occasion or “Circus” themed Special Events! From the moment Boocoos the Clown steps through the door he is filled with Fun, Excitement, Enthusiasm, and “Real Clown” Skills since 1984! 


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