Comedy Killers Murder Mystery

v4050449The Comedy Killers features professional performers that not only have impressive training and resumes, but are also skilled and trained in the unique medium of interactive improvisational theater. Each show has a strong audience-tested script base to guarantee quality entertainment, and then a varied degree of customization and improvisation that is unique to each audience to create an enriching, fun and enjoyable experience with every performance.

Aside from the fun and wonderful intrigue of participating in a murder mystery, the Comedy Killer’s shows are built on a flexible foundation that makes each show quickly adaptable and customizable to meet your specific needs. Although our audience feedback has been extremely positive over the years, this company is dedicated to constantly improving the quality and enjoyment of every show.

The Comedy Killers Murder Mystery troupe was formed in **** by writer and restaurant owner, Ginger Mensik. Finding that other murder mystery troupe’s were not nearly as flexible or as professional as they claimed, she decided that she would form her own company. The shows were so successful, the troupe began to get requests outside of her restaurant by only reputation and word of mouth. Her unique understanding of both audience and client requirements balanced with the integrity of a good quality show made the troupe very successful. Years later, she passed the company on to fellow “Comedy Killer” Tim Shane who shared her views and philosophies as well as adding his expertise in interactive improvisational theater.

Perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Bar / Bat Mizvah’s
  • Corporate Events
  • And more!!!
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