Dancers – Polynesians, Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers, Lion Dancers

Cultural Dancers

Whether you are planning a Hawaiian, Mexican, Western, theme or any other cultural or international events, having the true native dancers of that heritage will bring a more realistic atmosphere to your event. Most of the dancers perform a show, but some likes to get other spectators involve showing how much fun their culture can be.

Polynesian Dancers Polynesian Dancers

Lion Dancers

Hundreds of years ago, a small Chinese village was threatened on the eve of the lunar new year by local bandits who dressed themselves as strange beasts (nien). The beasts scared the villagers away and looted their homes and farmland. Frightened and discouraged from being left hungry and poor, the villagers decided to stand up to the unknown beast and crafted costumes that resembled a lion. These costumes were made of bamboo frames and covered with paper mache painted in bright colors and details. The dancers in the costumes would dance while others hit pots and pans to make noise. With all the commotion and costumed people dancing under the mysterious costumes, the villagers were able to scare away the bandits. This eventually led them to believe that the Lion Dance wards off bad luck, scares away evil spirits, and ushers in good luck. To commemorate the event, the dance was passed from generation to generation, gradually becoming a part of the Chinese traditional martial arts. Whenever the people celebrate, it was inevitable that the dance was performed as a form of thanks-giving. From that moment, the tradition of Lion Dance was born.


Belly Dancers

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