Terms of Service

  1. Invoice/Service Agreement – Client is required to sign, date, and return document to Entertainment Alliance as confirmation of services. Upon receipt, Entertainment Alliance will contract the entertainment and the following terms will be enforced.
  2. Deposit – If requested by Entertainment Alliance, the deposit is due with the signed Invoice/Service Agreement. The deposit is non-refundable.  If client makes changes to this agreement after     Entertainment Alliance has received a signed copy of this document with deposit, Client may incur additional fees as set forth by our vendors if the changes result in the cancellation or postponement of their services as specified in the “Cancellation” and “Postponement” sections below.   A revised contract will be issued to reflect the changes with any applicable fees.
  3. Payment – The balance of the Invoice/Agreement is due and payable seven business days prior to the event date. However, if the booking is within seven days of the event, Entertainment Alliance will require a credit card to confirm the services.  Payment Methods – Cash, Business Check, Money Order, or Credit Card (Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express). No personal checks, please.  Please make business checks payable to Entertainment Alliance.
  4. A 3.5% convenience fee will be assessed on all credit card transactions.
  5. Unless approved directly by Entertainment Alliance, please do NOT hand checks or cash to our vendors as they are not considered employees of Entertainment Alliance. 
  6. Cancellation – A cancellation of the event and/or any vendor contracted by Entertainment Alliance on Client’s behalf 21 days or more in advance of the event will result in the forfeiture of Client’s deposit or one-half the total balance of the invoice. If vendor is cancelled within 21 days of the event, the entire contract balance or total fee for vendor will be due and payable seven business days prior to event date.
  7. Postponement – Should event be postponed due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond Client’s control, fees will be assessed based on the terms of each individual vendor. If Client chooses a “Rain Date”, it is understood that each individual vendor will determine amount of fees due if unable to accommodate new date.  The date chosen for the “Rain Date” must be within 30 days of the original event date.  Only one “Rain Date” will be honored.
  8. Outdoor Events – Client is responsible for providing suitable shelter (shade, canopy, or tent), tables, chairs, or electricity if required by vendor.  Generators are available at an additional cost.
  9. Permits – Unless otherwise agreed upon, Client is responsible to obtain all necessary permits from their town, city, county, or state. Full payment is due even if an event is cancelled, delayed, or postponed due to improper or missing permits.
  10. Overtime – The client may request a vendor to extend a performance or service past the contracted time at the agreed upon rate on the original Invoice/Agreement. Entertainment Alliance requires Client to provide the vendor with written authorization to extend the service.
  11. Insurance – Entertainment Alliance has acquired general liability insurance, but acknowledges Entertainment Alliance’s only responsibility to the client is to consult, advise, offer and promote a vendor, and, if so instructed, issue a contract on behalf of the vendor. In no event shall Entertainment Alliance be held liable for any personal injury, property damage, or subjective performance related complaints or for any other mishaps occurring during the event that are directly or indirectly the fault and/or responsibility of the vendor.  The vendor is considered an independent contractor and agrees to indemnify and hold Entertainment Alliance harmless against any and all claims for damages resulting from participation in the event.
  12. Future Bookings – Any future bookings for the vendors contracted for this event will be through Entertainment Alliance.
  13. Travel – Client is responsible for all arrangements and costs to include mileage, airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, and shuttle/taxi to and from event location.      
  14. Disputes – In the event a dispute shall arise between the parties to this contract, the parties agree to participate in mediation in accordance with the procedures of the United States Arbitration and Mediation rules. The parties agree to share equally in the costs of the mediation.  The mediation shall be administered by a licensed and mutually-agreed upon mediator. Mediation involves each side of a dispute sitting down with an impartial person, the mediator, to attempt to reach a voluntary settlement. Mediation involves no formal court procedures or rules of evidence, and the mediator does not have the power to render a binding decision or force an agreement on the parties.